Our COVID-19 response is to remain open with some precautions.

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Updated: May 20, 2020

As things continue to evolve around efforts to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we continue to make the health of everyone including our inspectors, our clients, the homeowner and our real estate partners our highest priority. As Calgary begins it’s re-opening protocol shortly, we continue to remain open with our COVID-19 protocol as documented here..

We are paying careful attention to the up-to-the-minute messaging from Alberta Health Services and are implementing today the following changes to our approach:

Inspection attendance:
If our clients are showing any signs or symptoms of flu including:

  • dry cough
  • fever
  • extreme fatigue tiredness
  • difficulty breathing

We ask these clients to isolate at home and may need to call HealthLink or take the Alberta government COVID-19 self-assessment test.

Normally, we do recommend and encourage our clients to attend the inspection; however, we are still asking that in our current environment our clients carefully consider whether they should attend or not. We will be making ourselves and inspector available for a conference call to be arranged as soon as your report is delivered (most commonly on the same day as the report) for a full verbal discussion and review of our findings. Additionally, we do, as a matter of practice, take hundreds of photos during our inspection and will be happy to share these with you.

We also ask our clients confirm sellers are not currently under self-isolation.  In such cases, we would be unable to do the inspection and it would need to be re-scheduled.

We understand some real estate professionals may need to attend but ask to consider the possibility of using one-day-codes for access to the property. These can be texted to our office at 403-295-3000 and will then be supplied to our inspectors at the time of inspection.

Should our clients and/or real estate professionals decide to attend, we would ask to limit attendance to just themselves and relevant partners only. Children or contractors, for example, should not attend. This will help us maintain proper social distancing protocols. We respecfully reserve the right to re-book or postpone the inspection should one of the individuals in attendance be actively displaying symptoms.

Inspector Actions:
With respect to our actions during the inspection, our inspector will:

  • Wear gloves during the inspection
  • Maintain a minimum 2 meter distance from other individuals as is practicable and not speak while facing directly towards other individuals.
  • Have a face mask and wear it upon request
  • Wipe down any surface touched with a suitable disinfectant as needed

We continue to extend our gratitude and appreciation for all those on the front lines who have done an amazing job and for everyone who has done and continues to do their part to ensure that we take good care of one another in this time.

As always please call our office at 403-295-3000 should you have any futher questions or concerns.

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